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I help organizations to use the technology as an accelerator to improve business productivity, business agility and increase competitive advantage by transforming their information strategy, business culture and technology stack.

Digital trends I like to follow and implement;

- Technology and Marketing Automation
- Cloud Computing and Services
- Big Data Processing
- Predictive Analytics
- Data Security and Privacy
- Customer Journey

Professional Experience



PriceTrack is a price tracking and competitor analysis service that can help organizations to monitor the price competition, position tracking and stock availability to discover business opportunities and make smarter decisions.

PriceTrack can find competitor products by searching competitors' platforms, analyze their inventories and create scores base on some dimensions for every product. As a result engine may accept competitor products as exactly or potentially matched using data science techniques and algorithms.

Some of our customers may reach %87 exactly matched products of their whole inventories by our platform and they can reduce most of their matching operational effort. This is a continuous analyzing process for our enterprise level customers so they can stay up to date in market competition analysis automatically without any effort.

XML and REST API allows organizations to pull or push information via web services. You can integrate PriceTrack API to your own pipeline to receive notifications or get updates to display on your dashboard with ease.

System runs in cloud with a fully distributed architectural design and provides fast and reliable services.


IT Director

Responsible for an enterprise level IT infrastructure that helps hundreds of thousands of daily visitors to find and book their best holidays by onmi-channel designed online and offline channels that provides customers with a seamless shopping experience and run on different technology stacks.

Providing technology leadership and expertise for digital transformation and big data, focusing on improvement of operational efficiencies, enterprise responsiveness, agility and scalability. Participating in being a data driven company and changing the way of getting, transforming and processing of the data.

Identifying company's strategic planning for designing or changing technology needs, setting short and long-term IT goals and budgets to support company wide business needs.

Transforming development and operations to the cutting-edge technologies, methodologies and disciplines such as continuous delivery, containerization technologies, cloud services, infrastructure automation, devops and microservices.

Responsible for governance, regulatory compliance, license management and service level agreements.

Executed business continuity and disaster recovery systems for the mission critical systems on our on-premise data centers. Implemented a group of certificates ISMS (ISO 27001), BCMS (ISO 22301) and ITSM (ISO/IEC 20000), PCI-DSS, and Protection of Personal Data.

As director of IT, I report to CEO and work closely with digital marketing, data science, customer relations and legal departments.


Software Development Director

Led, managed, scaled and got my hands dirty with a top-notch software development team focused on building e-commerce and mobile services under high-transition volume. Acted as part of product owner team to help plan and implement product road-map and consult on technical feasibility. Responsible from the commerce platform's success end-to-end, delivering high quality on-time software driven by feedback and business.

Provided leadership in establishing software development processes, best practices and road-map. Identified technical opportunities, project risks and recommend programs to management in such areas as product development, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, reliability and performance improvements. Mentored team members in design, coding techniques and time management. Prioritized projects, plan implementations and ensure successful deployment.

Worked closely with Finance, CRM, Digital Marketing, Merchandising and Logistics departments to establish department objectives/KPIs that can be used to measure success. Integrated, measured and improved marketing plans, offers, ROIs, customer segmentation, notifications, reports, B2B and B2C communication.

Developed fraud detection & reporting system that monitors transactions and user activities by different types of arguments, and flags potentially fraudulent transactions based on pre-configured rules.

Methodologies & Technologies: Agile Software Development, Extreme Programming (XP), Programming in Pairs, MS Dynamics Navision, .Net Framework, Javascript, Redis, Memcached, SQL Server, Entity Framework, MVC, IoC, MySQL, Web Services, AWS, SaaS, IaaS, Load Balancing, Content Delivery Networks, REST, JSON, Cloud and On-premise BI solutions.

Doğan Gazetecilik

Project Leader

Project Leader at Posta (most selling newspaper in turkey) newspaper's web portal.

Responsible from development, maintenance and optimization of the portal system. Worked closely with digital marketing, sales and editorial teams on development and execution of new marketing scenarios, improvement of user experience, integration with social platforms, content and display advertising, data collection and content optimization. Development of portal, services and infrastructure under high traffic load (1-2 million visitor per day).

Created an e-commerce website for Fanatik that serves gigapixel digital images, captured in the stadiums with Gigapan, allows visitors find themselves via deep zoom and buy some products such as t-shirt, cup etc. that chosen zoomed image printed on it.

Developed and maintained some parts of projects like Milliyet, Fanatik, Radikal & Vatan newspapers.

Techniques and Technologies used in projects like ASP.NET C#, Java, SQL Server, LINQ, XML, XSLT, jQuery, Advanced (Deep) Zoom, Web Analytics Tools, SEO, Windows Services, Video & Image Processing, Facebook & Twitter APIs, Heat Map Tools.


Senior Software Engineer

Developed, maintained and improved front-end and back-end codebases by evaluating business needs and analyzing requirements. Respond to feedbacks given by Product Management departmant or Customers by fixing defects and performing enhancements.

- Developed and implemented Branch Integration System for DigiTurk (well-known satellite television provider company) in Turkey to support more than thousand remote branches, enabling stock movement (in/out) due to sale to customer, transfer, sales return or stocking in inventories. Development of stock movement between DigiTurk and branches and customers, inventory query/reports (pdf based), management users, roles, pages and permissions, implementation of customer requirements.
Technologies used in project include ASP.NET 2.0, C#, Oracle 9i, NHibernate, Telerik Rad Controls, log4net, Ajax, jQuery.

- Developed and implemented Mortgage Credit System based on SharePoint 2007 for Istanbul Mortgage (well-known mortgage company) in Turkey. Developed custom field types, dynamically generated pdf reports by processing office word 2007 templates using Office Open Xml, import/export excel 2007 files/reports, branding and customizing site with sharepoint designer, creating custom user controls, event receivers, timer jobs, impersonation, fixing memory leaks, building setup wsp packages to make deployment as easy as possible, modifying layout of sharepoint built-in features.

Technologies used in project include MOSS 2007, ASP.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2005, InfoPath, Excel Services, Active Directory, Office Open XML (OOXML), XSL, XSLT, XSD, log4net, jQuery.


Software Engineer

Worked on load balanced, distributed web applications such as live elections, social networks and financial services. Developed front-end and back-end web applications using web standards, proper semantics and best practices able to handle hundreds of thousands of users. Improved performance both on the client and server side using a variety of industry standard techniques. Support, debug and profile cross platform web-based applications by the A-grade web browsers (IE 6/7, FF, Safari, and Opera). Planned and executed load testing and analyzed the results to develop a more scalable application.

Developed and maintained projects:

Technologies and products used while working at Mynet include:
Visual Studio 2005, ASP.Net 2.0, C#, PHP, ASP, SQL Server 2000, MySQL 5, Telerik Rad Controls, jQuery, Ext JS, SVN

Military Service

Team Leader

Mandatory military service for male Turkish citizens.

Crema Creative Marketing

Software Engineer

Worked on web technologies, B2B projects, database applications, e-commerce solutions, forums, intranet and desktop applications. Interested in optimizing performance and security, building dynamic pages that are controlled by Content Management Systems, following web standards, cross browser compatible development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Developed and maintained projects for the clients:
- KobiFinans (XHTML, PHP, MySQL “The Best Finance Site Award in Altın Örümcek, 2005”)
- AsyaFinans (Java, JSP, XHTML, XML)
- Yatırım Finansman Menkul Değerler (ASP.NET, SQL Server, XHTML)
- Cineplex Turkey (PHP, MySQL, XHTML)
- Olmuksa (ASP, XML, XHTML)

Turk Telekom


DMS Station

TRT - Turkish Radio and Television Corporation


Digital camera test and calibration


Istanbul University

MSc, Management of Information Systems (MIS)

Dissertation titled “Distributed Application Development on Cloud Systems & Cost Minimization”, 2011.

Activities and Societies: Data mining, information technology management, project management, data analyzing (SPSS) & visualization (SPSS Clementine), e-commerce, excel solver, portfolio management, simulation techniques, artificial intelligence

Kocaeli University

BSc, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dissertation titled “Content Filtering Proxy Software”, 2004.

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