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I help organizations to use the technology as an accelerator to improve business productivity, business agility and increase competitive advantage by transforming their information strategy, business culture and technology stack.

Key aspects of my career:

* Business Agility
* Continuous Improvement & Transformation
* Re-organization of IT Teams
* Guiding and Inspiring
* Re-engineering Technology
* Modernizing Infrastructure
* Big Data Processing
* Cloud Computing and Services
* Distributed Application Development

Professional Experience



SegmentHub is a smart visitor segmentation, advertising and content personalization platform.

Prime Solutions


Innovating & scaling products to the global scale, expanding business into EU and U.S. markets.

Barlas Global


Built data-driven, AI-powered, digital marketing solutions which are used by companies to increase competitive advantage by boosting revenue, customer engagement/loyalty, and operational efficiency. Automation, big data processing, artificial intelligence, heavy traffic/transaction, and innovation are the key assets of my business models. I invest automation, innovation and artificial intelligence.

I also provide technical/strategic leadership for my customers (companies) to transform their technology stacks, develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy, knowledge transfer, design/drive product roadmap, build/lead cross-functional teams to accelerate their business models.

Products we have created at Barlas are PriceTrack, PrimeWidgets, BrandMonitor, Shortener Cloud, Product XML, and Smart CDN.

PriceTrack finds other products and competitors automatically, reports the competition results and helps marketers to optimize their digital marketing budgets.

PrimeWidgets is a widget set built for e/m-commerce platforms to increase revenue and customer engagement via recommendation engines, search autocomplete, automated push/email messages.

Shortener Cloud is a URL Shortener service built to shorten long links and track clicks in order to segment the audience. It supports branded domain names, allows more text space for SMS campaigns, and reduces message costs by segmenting customer activities.

All products we created, acquired by Prime Solutions.



As an omni-channel marketing automation company, we provide a digital marketing platform for our customers to enable the marketers create and manage personalized campaigns for their customers to increase user engagement, loyalty and revenue.

Our business model requires to process real-time data comes from 50+ e-commerce websites as user activities (we call it events), and then create actions in a few seconds. So you have to deal with millions of requests per minute.

Technologies and platforms I hands-on played with:
Java, Python, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Tomcat, Nginx, Apache Storm, Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Redis, Message Queues, Docker, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Git, Gradle, Jenkins, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean.


IT Director

Provided technology leadership and expertise for digital transformation, cloud, big data, focusing on improvement/transformation of operational efficiencies, enterprise responsiveness, business agility and scalability.

Participated in being a data driven company and changing the way of getting, transforming and processing of the data to improve the services for our customers in a omni-channel environment.

Created and managed international business relationships and to expand our business from local market to the eurozone.

Identified and managed the company's strategic planning by customer, technology and company needs, set the short and long-term IT goals and budgets to support company-wide business needs.


Software Development Director

From it's early stage startup journey to be one of the leaders in the e-commerce sector, I created a highly skilled technology team, and worked hard to create e-commerce and mobile services in order to provide the best user experience for our customers, and to be a disruptive & innovative company for our competitors.

We shaped the e-commerce in Turkey by creating new trends such as social buying, loyalty programmes, single checkout multiple merchants, real-time discount ratios by product popularity in social platforms, support of too many different payment channels, segmented & peer to peer marketing activities, etc.

Worked closely with Finance, CRM, Digital Marketing, Merchandising and Logistics departments to establish a rapid automated environment for every part of the company.

Doğan Holding

Project Leader

Project Leader at Posta (most selling newspaper in Turkey) newspaper's web portal.

Responsible from development, maintenance and optimization of the portal system. Worked closely with digital marketing, sales and editorial teams on development and execution of new marketing scenarios, improvement of user experience, integration with social platforms, content and display advertising, data collection and content optimization. Development of portal, services and infrastructure under high traffic load (millions of visitors per day).

Developed and maintained some parts of projects like Milliyet, Fanatik, Radikal & Vatan newspapers.

Techniques and Technologies used in projects like ASP.NET C#, Java, SQL Server, LINQ, T-SQL, XML, XSLT, jQuery, Advanced (Deep) Zoom, Web Analytics, SEO, Windows Services, Video & Image Processing, Social Network APIs.


Senior Software Engineer

Developed and implemented ERP system for DigiTurk to enable management of the customers, inventories, sales, stock, performance reports, loyalty etc.

Built a Mortgage Credit System for Istanbul Mortgage that calculates credibility scores of customers by analyzing the property that wanted to be bought, customer financial history, risk scores, credit amount, payment period etc. parameters, and creates a decision to about the application is accepted or declined. System follows every step of the accepted credits such as payment dates & amounts, calculates delayed interests, creates documents in an automated enviroment and pushes the next activities to the employees.


Software Engineer

Worked on load balanced, distributed web applications such as live elections, social networks and financial services. Developed front-end and back-end web applications using web standards, proper semantics and best practices able to handle hundreds of thousands of users. Improved performance both on the client and server side using a variety of industry standard techniques. Support, debug and profile cross platform web-based applications by the A-grade web browsers (IE 6/7, FF, Safari, and Opera). Planned and executed load testing and analyzed the results to develop a more scalable application.

Developed and maintained projects:

Technologies and products used while working at Mynet include:
Visual Studio 2005, ASP.Net 2.0, C#, PHP, ASP, SQL Server 2000, MySQL 5, Telerik Rad Controls, jQuery, Ext JS, SVN

Crema Creative Marketing

Software Engineer

Worked on web technologies, B2B projects, database applications, e-commerce solutions, forums, intranet and desktop applications. Interested in optimizing performance and security, building dynamic pages that are controlled by Content Management Systems, following web standards, cross browser compatible development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Developed and maintained projects for the clients:
- KobiFinans (XHTML, PHP, MySQL “The Best Finance Site Award in Altın Örümcek, 2005”)
- AsyaFinans (Java, JSP, XHTML, XML)
- Yatırım Finansman Menkul Değerler (ASP.NET, SQL Server, XHTML)
- Cineplex Turkey (PHP, MySQL, XHTML)
- Olmuksa (ASP, XML, XHTML)


Istanbul University

MSc, Management of Information Systems (MIS)

Dissertation titled “Distributed Application Development on Cloud Systems & Cost Minimization”, 2011.

Activities and Societies: Data mining, information technology management, project management, data analyzing (SPSS) & visualization (SPSS Clementine), e-commerce, excel solver, portfolio management, simulation techniques, artificial intelligence

Kocaeli University

BSc, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dissertation titled “Content Filtering Proxy Software”, 2004.

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